Caffeine Based is The Best Pre-Workout Supplements…is That True?

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If you have flipped through any popular fitness magazines you have probably seen advertisements for products like “N0-EXPLODE”, “Jacked-3D”, “Black Powder” “Hemo-Rage” and “Assault.” While these may sound like new band names on the “Warped Tour”, these are actually best pre-workout supplements that you could find at your local vitamin/sport supplement store. They are coupled with tag lines like “Amazing Pumps!”, “Unleash Hell in Your Workout!”, and “Ignite Yourself!” These products claim to increase performance in workouts, providing more mental focus, energy, endurance and blood flow to extremities…but what do they really do? How do they work? And what are the real risks and benefits of consuming them?

Most of these supplements are based on caffeine, containing anywhere from 100-300 mg of caffeine in a serving. Just to compare, there is about 100 mg in an 8 ounce cup of coffee. When caffeine enters the body, systems start working harder to evacuate the substance from inside. There are events in the body like increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, the kidneys working harder causing frequent urination, and mental excitement. Make no mistake, caffeine is a powerful drug and has been associated with such silent killers as hypertension. Like many drugs, people tend to develop tolerances and are de-sensitized to the effects of caffeine, resorting to larger doses to achieve a mental high. Chronic and immoderate caffeine use can put undue stress on the adrenal glands and even lead to symptoms such as adrenal fatigue.

Having said that, there are also many advantages to using pre-workout supplements. I use pre-workout supplements from time to time, but I try to do it with an understanding and respect of their power, and a strategic application to my training. These products work. There is definitely a performance advantage when applied in the correct doses to the correct training. The University of Connecticut performed a study clearly showing an increase in bench press and grip strength for groups using pre-workout caffeine stimulants. 

Research has also confirmed the increased mental focus and acuity from the use of caffeine. For individuals who are trying to loose weight, caffeine can serve as an appetite suppressant and has been shown to increase both lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and thermogenesis (calorie burning).

In addition to caffeine, these pre-workout products are often stacked with other substances such as arginine (N.O.) a powerful vasodilator that is used to increase blood flow to the extremities – providing the “pump” to your arms. The intent is that the increased blood flow will increase performance.

Many of these products contain stimulants that are banned in significant doses for competitions by organizations like the USOC and the NCAA. I would recommend being careful and cross-referencing all the ingredients with a banned substance list in your sport. (Remember, even caffeine is banned in certain doses, so make sure you clear the substance with the appropriate organization.)

Due to the fact that these substances increase heart rate and blood pressure, I would not recommend them for activities where heart rate is already elevated, such as endurance events and metabolic (lactic) training. I have heard of many athletes that claim to feel like they are drowning due to overuse of caffeine in conditioning workouts and end up with nausea and vomiting.

To avoid becoming desensitized to the effects of these products I would recommend using them sparingly. I only use my pre-workout go-go-juice for a long and heavy strength training session to help with the mental fatigue that often accompanies such a stressor. Cycle these products on and off. Take a break after a few weeks and let your body normalize for a while with no or less caffeine. This will help you avoid many of the potential side effects of these pre-workout supplements. Remember, choosing the right supplements, like choosing the right diet, can assist you in your training, but in the end YOU are the determining factor in your training success.
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Supplements Guide

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Understanding fact from fiction can be crucial to your health when it comes to supplements. We’ve all heard the pitch, “Get ripped in no time!” or “Burn fat the easy way!” Sounds pretty good right? Well, that all depends. Today’s vast array of health and fitness supplements can be mind numbing to navigate, and deciding what type of supplement is appropriate for your individual body and workout goals can be even harder. Supplements can be effective in helping you reach your goals, but they also have the potential to increase your heart rate and blood pressure, while others just don’t work. Before you pony up for another supplement, let’s take a closer look at a few of today’s best pre workout supplements.

Protein powders
What are they?
Ingesting protein alone won’t build muscle. Your muscles need to be worked first at which point protein is effective in feeding muscles during your workout and will aid in the rebuilding process afterward. Ingesting more protein than your body needs will not provide any benefit, and can, in fact, put a great deal of stress on your liver and kidneys. Beyond repairing tissue, protein is also used in the development of hormones and enzymes that will aid in the development of blood, skin, bone, and cartilage. For this reason, protein is an effective and safe means of building body mass when taken in conjunction with a workout and it can also provide benefits to your total body fitness. Like any supplement, protein should be taken responsibly and in proper measure.

How to use them
The accurate amount of protein to ingest daily is one gram per each pound of body weight. Protein powders are typically mixed into shakes or juices and can be ingested at multiple points throughout the day — no need to take it all at once. In the morning, protein can help take your body out of its catabolic state after sleeping. Taking protein before a workout will help feed your muscles throughout the workout and afterward protein will help the rebuilding process. Taking protein before going to sleep at night will help aid the rebuilding process even more since the most active reconstruction period occurs during rest.

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Two Safe Best Pre-Workout Supplements.

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With so many brands and choices of the best pre-workout supplements available, figuring out which products are actually safe and worth your money can be difficult. Here are two of the better supplements on the market.


The International Society of Sports Nutrition says that creatine monohydrate is the most effective nutritional supplement for increasing lean body mass and anaerobic capacity.
Creatine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. When taken as a supplement, it improves explosive power during short bursts of activity such as sprinting. Five grams of creatine per day is a safe dose that works well for most people. Maintain adequate hydration while supplementing. It may take a few weeks before you see noticeable benefits, so be patient.


Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that increases the amount of carnosine in your muscle cells. Carnosine is a protein building block that helps buffer the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles in response to intense training. The increase in lactic acid is what produces the familiar “burn” feeling as you near the end of a tough set.
Supplementing with beta-alanine enhances muscular endurance, allowing you to push out one or two extra reps during your lifting sets. It is most effective in the eight-to-15-rep range or for periods of exercise lasting one to four minutes. The benefits are minor, but they can impact your training.
The standard dosage for beta-alanine is between 2 and 5 grams daily. Initially, you might feel tingling in your face and limbs after larger doses. This sensation is known as paresthesia and it is a completely harmless side effect. Over time (a minimum of two weeks), your carnosine stores will increase, and the tingling sensation should subside.
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What Should You Look For in a Pre Workout Supplement?

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First of all, you should know why pre workout supplements are awesome. Multiple studies  have shown that they improve your focus, give you more energy, and overall improve your gym performance.  How would you like to instantly improve your workout capacity by over 10%?
The second thing you need to pick a best pre workout supplement is a way to evaluate different products; after you know what you’re looking for, I have a way to make finding the perfect product easy.
·         Reputation: There are many products that are vaguely out there, unless you have a ton of experience with pre workouts in the past, stay away from those and look for products that have high ratings.
·         Your Budget: There is a good product for every budget.  That being said, the higher quality products are usually more expensive.  What you want to do is find the best product in your price range.
·         Quality Ingredients: Some shady supplements use potentially dangerous ingredients in them.  I’ve taken the liberty of going through all the ingredients in any product on this page and making sure they are safe and effective, but it’s something you should at least be aware of.
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Pre Workout Supplements

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We’ve gone out and acquired as many of the top pre workout supplements as we could get our hands on and analyzed, rated, and compared them side-by-side. We discovered that there are several outstanding pre workout supplement drinks available for those who want to maximum results in there workout efforts, but that there are also many best pre workout supplements out there that are not worth your time or money. Below is our Top 10 List of the highest ranked pre workout supplements. We wish you all the best with which ever pre workout supplement you choose, and remember to have fun.
"Jack3d" is the number one selling pre workout supplement today. And it’s been on the market barely two years.
"Jack3d" has become a craze in the body building industry with its ability to offer a combination of out of this world energy, stamina, and endurance to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts stay longer and perform better in the gym.
First time users are almost immediately experiencing its explosive effects bringing the intensity of their training up several pushing their bodies beyond their limits after only their first serving.
"Jack3d" gives you greater and sustained energy to go through heavy sets with improved mental focus and stamina. Although "Jack3d" is laced with caffeine, users are not experiencing shakes or crashes. Not to mention Jack3d is among the cheapest nitric oxide supplements out there.
If you want more energy, more power, more pumps, more reps, more skin-ripping veins, and more lean muscle mass it’s time you get "Jack3d".
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Looking for the Best Pre Workout Supplement of 2013?

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There’s nothing worse then stepping into the gym after a long day at work or just after waking up early in the morning dreading going into your workout routine. At this point, you don’t care about lifting weights and all that goal-setting you did to lose that X amount of pounds or gain that X amount of muscle has all crumbled down to non-existent. I’ve been there before and I’m sure you have too.
No matter how tired you are or how much you might not want to hit the gym, you take your pre-workout supplement everything is all downhill from there! And You know when you leave the gym you had a beyond satisfying workout.
·         Improve performance
·         Increase strength
·         Increase endurance
·         Decrease muscle breakdown during training
·         Increase protein synthesis
·         Improve energy and focus
·         Improve nutrient delivery and assimilation

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What Is The Best Pre Workout Supplement?

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If you are no stranger to hard and strenuous physical exertion such as playing sports, you can buy the best pre workout supplement for yourself can become an important decision for you to build your muscle.
These type supplements have come a long way since the days of the ECA stacks that were popular in the 80′s and 90′s. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different pre workout supplements made by dozens of manufacturers, with each one different than the other.
With all these varieties to choose from it does get slightly cumbersome trying to distinguish to good from the not so good. I have spent several years researching and using these supplements and I’ve come to the conclusion that many of them are no more than a tub of caffeine and arginine with some other dusted in nutrients that barely work.
The good news is that modern pre workout supplements are getting better because many supplement companies have been able to make several versions of their supplements, making modifications and improvements along the way.
This variety of pre workout supplements provide the most robust amounts of ingredients, contain stimulants, and the most popular variety on the market. In them you will usually find things like caffeine, creatine, nitric oxide precursors,, and many more ingredients that will help you to:
1         Increase Energy
2         Increase Focus
3         Increase Stamina
4         Increase raw power
5         Speed up Recovery
6         Build Muscle
7         Burn Fat

The extent to which these supplements will help in these major categories is highly debatable and some what controversial because everyone has a favorite product or supplement brand and many of these supplements will emphasis one, two or three categories over the others.
Other factors that add to the difficulty of choosing the best pre workout drink are price, taste, how well the supplement mixes, and possible side effects from taking them.

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